Film and production company Hip-Hop Junkies are getting ready to release a new documentary on Chief Keef’s mother, Lolita Carter, whom they call “O.G. Sosa”.  A small excerpt read:

“This never before seen footage allows the public eye into Lolita’s world, past and present. Lolita gives an honest account of her transgressions, challenges and family life, while growing up in one of the roughest areas of Chicago. Nowadays, this area is known to many of the younger generation as CHIRAQ. The film also covers her experience as a single parent while giving birth to her oldest child, Keith (Chief Keef) at the age of 16.”

“My son is the King. Keith is the King and everybody know it”. -Lolita Carter

This will be rather interesting to say the least. I’m sure plenty of people are curious about the woman who raised the boy who hates being sober. It will be available for download on June 17th via

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