This week, while Wiz and Kanye and Amber were having an earth-shattering, internet-breaking beef, hip hop nerds everywhere geeked over the possibility about a new possible collaboration in the rap game: Chance The Rapper and Earl Sweatshirt!

In between working on Kanye‘s album, now titled WAVES, Chance The Rapper found time this week to do some wishful thinking when he tweeted, “I’ve been wanting to be in a rap duo with @earlxsweat for many years.” Former Odd Future member, Earl never directly responded to Chance, but hinted at the fact that he just might be down for that idea. “need to rap with a group of people! never underestimate the power of the collective,” Earl tweeted Monday.

On the same coin, both Chance and Earl‘s names have appeared on the updated handwritten tracklist for Yeezy‘s WAVES. Maybe they’ll work a little harder on their own collab, since they now have a mutual friend in Kanye! We can hope…(also, I met Earl Sweatshirt last summer at Made In America when I wandered backstage, and he was nice enough to take an ugly selfie with me!)