10x Grammy Award-Winning singer/songwriter Chaka Khan releases the first official single under her newly founded indie record label venture, iKhan Sounds, titled “I Love Myself” Ft. B. Slade. “I Love Myself” is an anthem that promotes self-esteem and putting one’s life in order.

The upcoming video will offer 10 special guest features from the winners of the “I Love Myself” video contest – an initiative helmed by Khan to engage fans in helping to spread the message of self-esteem and acceptance by uploading a clip of themselves lip-synching the chorus of her new single. The original version of “I Love Myself” was released in February of 2016 and is still remains available for purchase. The alternative version of “I Love Myself”, released last week, offers an acapella intro of Chaka Khan‘s famous “Through The Fire.”

Purchase the original “I Love Myself” single on iTunes!


“I Love Myself” Official Music Video Trailer