A while back (4/29),  member Casso released the super-exclusive intro track to a new project through DamagingTheStreets. That project is called F.A.K.E. (Follow As Klouds Elevate), and today we bring you the official artwork for the EP! As you saw from the intro release yesterday, the purpose of this music to show the world how Casso is taking new routes in music, from everything including who he works with, and how we even express our lives through this music.

“With this project, I plan to set new boundaries,; in fact i want to get a certain point across that with this music there are no boundaries, its ART…I just want my supporters and family to receive a better understanding of KLOUD HIGH #KH as a brand. We’re building something monumental…We’re bringing something fresh to the culture but we’re being 100% honest & thats the difference.”


The entire tape will be produced by John G. Beats, and we’ll get that to you as soon as we can. Roll one, and check out Casso’s other work featured on DTS while you wait.


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