Is it safe to say that beefing, creating diss records, and competing with the next best MC will NEVER play out??….. Kings and Queens I think the proof in within our peripheral. Prime example lets take Cassidy and Meek Mill, both Philly natives who have been beefing since the end of the 2012 year. To refresh your memories that’s during the time Cassidy wanted to take on Meek’s $100,000 challenge to enter the battle rap arena. Come on now ,ya’ll remember that comic Cassidy Raid cover.  Anyway as of this moment in time the beef still brews between the two.  Cassidy released a new diss record called “Catch A Body”; aimed at you guessed it Meek Mill. Catch A Body was in response to Meek Mill’s recently released “Kendrick You Next”.

Listening to the track by Cassidy, two topics caught my direct attention. One being that Cassidy states that he knows the real Rick Ross; the formerly incarcerated drug lord. Obviously Cassidy was comparing the drug lord to the captain of Meek’s ship Maybach Music Group.  Secondly Cassdiy blames Meek Mill for the death of Lil Snupe; an 18 year old rapper signed to Meek’s Dreamchasers label upon a shooting that caused his death on June 20th of this year. Pay close attention as you listen to the 8 minute diss track from Cassidy to Meek called “Catch a Body”.