The Sparks Foundation: Casey Veggies & King Chip - Lipstick On The Blunt (Prod. By Mike Cash)

Ryan Fiona, Harry Fraud, and Sparks are putting together a legendary EP. The Sparks Foundation are bringing you an EP called Forever Madness (The Randy Savage EP) and all the producers are taking wrestling theme songs and turning them into hip-hop tracks. First track up is Casey Veggies featuring King Chip on Lipstick On A Blunt. Check out the Mike Cash produced track below. The EP is dedicated to the late/great Macho-man Randy Savage.

via: bluntiq

Questionable lyrics: 

“Light-skinned chick with a dark-skinned swag” Ummm…what? What does that even mean. That kinda turned me off the song. Like I really gave the deepest sigh, threw my hands up & shook my head. Do better.

hands up