At this year’s “Week of Greatness” event, Carmelo Anthony revealed that he would be collaborating with Jordan Brand to launch a new sneaker with a social justice message.

Speaking at the fifth annual Foot Locker conference, Melo says that he wanted to get people talking about the issues in a new way, and what better way to folks’ hearts than through their sneakers?

See what Carmelo says about the upcoming release below.


“The time is right to be a leader in my community. We’re going to try to incorporate social justice [into our sneakers] with everything that’s going on right now.

We’re using the sneaker world [to] make it all come together. It’s going to make sense. It’s not just about telling you to go out and buy a sneaker. It’s going to have meaning behind it,” he said. “We want to create an aura with the people in this culture and in our society.

It’s a conversation starter that starts with the actual shoe. It starts with the colors and what flavors you have, and then it’s going to lead to a deeper, broader message that can continue that conversation.”