Cam'ron BIGVON

After Cam’ron not doing an interview in a long time, BIGVON of San Fransico’s 106 KMEL sat down with him to talk about everything from his music, movies, capes, ebola masks, and more.

Cam’ron spoke about getting out of his label deal and being able to take on a distribution deal with Empire, saying that he couldn’t stop writing music. He also broke down how his 1st Of The Month series works and called himself the original duffle bag boy, stating “No disrespect to 2 Chainz, you know that’s my brother, but I’m the original duffle bag boy man. For real.”

He also announced that he will be putting out “Killa Season” digitally soon. On the topic of acting, he said although he has been approached with various roles he wants to be like Ice Cube and put himself in a familiar place, “You know I’m a good actor, but I can’t play a florist”.

 Cam’ron and VON also spoke about “Paid In Full” with Cam’ron saying “people think I’m Rico 4-5 times a week”. He also mentioned that Dame Dash fought hard for him to play that part in the movie when all the execs wanted known actors. With all the Rico meme’s on Instagram, Cam tells VON which one is his favorite.

Cam’ron spoke about his instant trends, and how they’re just organic ideas, “It’s almost cape season again.. sorta like with like the pink thing I didn’t plan it, it wasn’t like ‘marketing team gather around, August 2nd we’re all  gonna start the pink movement’.. It’s just I like to be different and I also like to stand out.” He goes on to explain how the cape trend started and how people now approach him for capes.