If you didn’t have plans for 4/20 this year, you do now! This year, the cult classic stoner film Friday turns 20, and to celebrate the anniversary, writer and star Ice Cube and New Line Cinema are teaming up for a re-release of the mega-hit film.

On April 20th, at select theaters across the country, the film will screen in 400 theaters at 7:30pm local time. After the viewing, fans are invited to stick around for a 24-minute behind-the-scenes segment titled Friday Straight Up, which will include exclusive never-seen footage and interviews from the star-studded main cast. In an interview with Buzzfeed News, Ice Cube talked about how surprised and happy he’s been that the movie has been so successful for such a long period of time.

“For the theaters, for New Line [Cinema], for the fans to want to pay homage to the movie in this way is cool. It lets you know how much people appreciate it and how much fun it is … and it lets you know that Friday is now a part of the American fabric.”



In addition to the repackaged film release, the double-platinum Friday soundtrack will also be re-released as a vinyl album. The original soundtrack featured contemporary and classic California hip-hop, including Dr. Dre‘s hit single “Keep Their Heads Ringing” written exclusively for the film. Speaking on the curation of the film’s score and soundtrack, Ice Cube says:

“I remember picking these songs and thinking, No one’s used ‘Mary Jane’ by Rick James in a movie? This is going to be perfect. You usually don’t get the Isley Brothers and a fresh Dr. Dre song. It was a really special labor of love.”

Click here to purchase tickets, and to see if Friday will be playing in your area! I’m so geeked that the film will be playing at my favorite theater where I live, so I’ll definitely be sure to see it, and give a review!