Bow Wow also says that a conversation he had with Ice Cube is the reason why he’ll never stop rapping.

Even though he’s the co-host of “106 & Park,” Bow Wow says that he has no plans to stop rapping.

“I’m still actively making music, man,” Bow Wow says during an interview with RealTalkNYVideo. “I’m never going to stop that. I remember having a conversation with [Ice] Cube when we was filming [the 2010 film] Lottery Ticket and I told him, I said, ‘You know what? I got this bug where I think I want to retire.’ He was like, ‘Retire for what? You can keep rapping forever. I ain’t stop rapping yet.’ I see him now doing his thing on tour with Public Enemy and everybody [on the ‘Kings Of The Mic Tour’], so when you get that type of lesson from a legend like Cube, you definitely want to take that into consideration. I consider myself a young legend in the game. I ain’t made it to where my big homies made it yet, like Snoop [Dogg], Cube and all of those guys… I’m going to always continue to make music. Right now I feel like I’m at my best now because I’ve learned so much. I’m growing. I’m raising an almost three-year-old girl in this world and just becoming a man and evolving…I’m never going to put the mic down. Never.”


Via (HipHopDx)