Over the weekend, rapper Blac Youngsta was wrongfully detained outside of an Atlanta bank following a call to 911 in which a suspicious fraud transaction had taken place.

Blac Youngsta, signed to Yo Gotti‘s Collective Music Group label, had withdrawn $200,000 from his account at a Wells Fargo branch in Atlanta. According to authorities, someone in the bank placed a call to 911 and reported that a man was attempting to forge a check for $24,000.

When police arrived, they detained 25-year-old Blac Youngsta and everyone inside his vehicle, which reportedly happened to match the description of that of the check forger’s. Youngsta‘s manager snapped a photo of the rapper on the ground as police handcuffed him.

“It was quickly discovered that the person providing the description to police had provided the wrong description of the suspect,” Sgt. Warren Pickard wrote in an emailed statement to the Atlanta Journal Constitution. “It was determined that the occupants of the vehicle were not involved. They were immediately released.”


Youngsta took to Instagram, where he posted a video with the caption “F**k Wells Fargo,” and honestly we can’t blame him. It had to be incredibly embarrassing and infuriating to be arrested for something so heinous, but we’re just glad that the right man was eventually caught and put away.

“I went and got out too much money out,” the rapper said in a video posted on Instagram. “They said they thought I was robbing the bank.”

“This incident did not directly involved Blac Youngsta, nor was he accused of committing a crime,” Pickard said.The alleged check forger, 39-year-old Charles Darnell Edward, was later arrested and charged. Do better, Wells Fargo!