Can You Believe This Track Did Not Make The Album? Listen Below

By now we’ve all heard Big Sean’s new single “Control (HOF)” featuring Kendrick Lamar & Jay Electronica. Sean says this won’t be appearing on his upcoming album Hall of Fame, due to sampling clearance issues. That’s GREAT, because Sean got lost on his own track! I wouldn’t want to be smashed on my own album either. After hearing what Kendrick Lamar had to say on the track, “…tryna make sure your core fans never heard of you, n***as!” I’d say he got his wish.

Since this is 7 minutes of pure, unadulterated bars with the biggest names in hip-hop, I knew Kendrick would hold his weight! K Dot came out of the chorus break WILD’N! With a nod to Hot 97’s Funkmaster Flex, Kendrick began his massacre. Always humble, he pays his respects to his peers in hip hop, all the while declaring to his audience that he now runs the class. I’ll salute that!

I don’t believe what Kendrick said in his verse was a “diss” to anyone at all. If you listen to who he named, they are all rappers he’s worked with before and greatly respects. He was just telling them the time for great hip hop is now, and that they all need to step their bars up. I’m all for breathing new life into this culture, and I’m glad K Dot was the one to say it.

Hip hop heavyweight Jay Electronica makes a very surprising appearance on the track! Talking to the fans as a guy who’s been around, there are MANY rappers who can learn a thing or two from his verse.


What do you think of Big Sean’s new track?