Big Sean stopped by the Cleveland radio station Z107.9 to talk about how he recorded his verse on control before he heard anyone else’s verse. Then he sent it to Jay Electronica to hop on it, and then after that Kendrick called Sean, and then Sean sent him the song with his own verse on it. Big Sean said that he thought his own verse was “excellent”, there was a lot of “quotables”, and he “repped Detroit big time”. His verse has been getting overlooked because of the “namedropping” in Kendrick Lamar’s verse. He calls Kendrick’s verse “reckless” but it is great because it really stirred competition. He compared the verse’s competitiveness to the sport of basketball. If you want to be the best, in some way shape or form you have to beat the best.

“I’m an ethical dude and I’m a confident person in my bars. So, I always feel like I have a good verse or a standout verse always,” Big Sean explained. “So, I sent him my verse first and then he sent his verse back. And I ain’t wanna change it up because I’m from a city of G’s where we keep it honest…You can always try and be selfish and try and one up somebody, but I was like ‘Nah, I did what I did to it.’ And I feel like Kendrick verse was real good, but I feel like that namedropping is what really set it off. Just the blatant fact of it. So, I feel like my bars were excellent on it.”