Beyonce Volume 2 album drop

It’s been less than a year since Beyonce dropped her self-titled album on the world, almost destroying the internet. Now, it appears that King Bey is ready to do it again, but at least this time we were given some warning — IF the photo is legit. On Saturday (11/1) photos surfaced of a tracklist for what may be Bey‘s alleged upcoming album, possibly entitled “Volume 2”. If the pic is the real deal, then we can expect a brand new project from Mrs. Carter THIS MONTH on November 24! The news comes just in time for the holiday season, so keep in mind that this may just be a marketing troll. Check out tracklist for yourself below! Revolt reports the album is set to feature content you may have seen before, including the previously re-worked “Flawless” remix with Nicki Minaj, and a compilation set of three DVD video content clips (much of which includes her HBO special of her tour with husband Jay Z). There is definitely some new material to look forward to, as well with 10 new songs being listed! I’m most excited for the Minaj-featured track “DONK” which only makes me think of it as a rebuttal to Iggy & J-Lo‘s “BOOTY”, and if you know the meme I’m thinking of, you get it.


Rihanna is also rumored to feature on a remix to “Blow” in a song called “Cherry”. Other features include Justin Timberlake and Frank Ocean. I know. I’m screaming too.

UPDATE: According to Amazon, the project will be priced at just over £33.21 in the United Kingdom! That’s about $41.52 USD.


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Source: Revolt