After auditioning thousands of girls across the United States, BET’s Chasing Destiny, created by Grammy Award-winning multiplatinum icon Kelly Rowland, reveals the name of the chosen group: JUNE’S DIARYAshly Williams (Compton, CA), Brienna Devlogt (Trenton, NJ LIT), Gabrielle Carreiro (Glendale, CA), Shyann Roberts (St. Petersburg, FL), and Kristal Lyndriette (Charlotte, NC). The girls personally announced the name during a Facebook Live Chat with fans yesterday (6/23).

Now, the quintet releases their stunning new single “L.A.N.C.E.” at all digital retailers today via Epic Records.

The girls will take to the red carpet to world premiere the music video for “L.A.N.C.E.” on the BET Awards Pre-Show this Sunday, June 26. On the single, June’s Diary lock into a sizzling harmony that instantly enchants before each member delivers a fun, feisty, and fiery verse of her own. The upcoming music video promises to be an event in and of itself, showcasing the girls turning up with superstar swagger, charisma, and charm. “L.A.N.C.E.” impacts Urban and Rhythm Radio on July 18.

Earlier this month, June’s Diary released their introductory single “All Of Us” and it quickly became quickly became a fan favorite.

The urban-pop powerhouse generated instant critical buzz with the Los Angeles Times raving “It’s an acapella offering with a sweet harmony that delivers some serious nostalgia for the bygone era of R&B girl groups like SWB, Brownstone, En Vogue, and yes, Destiny’s Child that Rowland is attempting to recreate.”

Check out the group’s new single, “L.A.N.C.E.” below!