August Alsina went on 106 & Park to promote his new album “Testimony” which dropped today. Well, things took a turn when host, Keshia Chante asked him a question about the Trey Songz beef we told you about a while back. I can understand not wanting to be asked certain things about your life, as he was just there to promote his first studio album. But what I can’t respect how he treated Keshia after she asked her question. She most likely didn’t write the question she read off the teleprompter, so he needs to check that disrespectful attitude at the door. August claims he told “them” not to ask him about the Trey Songz beef. However, since none of us were there, it’s hard to know if he told Bow & Keshia themselves, or if he told their producers and the message just wasn’t relayed back to them. Either way the profanity was uncalled for, especially on live TV, and August needs to learn how to deflect his attitude and laugh it off.