We’re happy to present our first visual artist onthe DTS Website, Gaijin! I became enamored with Gaijin’s artwork on Instagram, and he even made a special piece for me out of one of my own photos.

Currently based out of Alabama, Gaijin is an artist, video editor, graphic designer, and clothing designer.

“I pride myself on being able to take an intangible idea and make it real. It is really a marvel that is not appreciated as much as it should be. With that being said, I dip my nasty little hands into every creative medium I can in order to display my thoughts. Whether that be 3D animation, directing, photography, or clothing, I do it all. I’ve been on this path since 2014 and I only see it getting better from here”


Take a look at a few of Gaijin‘s artwork pieces & clothing below! Contact for business: