“Hi guys,” were the first words uttered by the “Voice of New York” Angie Martinez as she began her new gig at Power 105.1 earlier today (July 17).

“My day one, my first show,” she added, “Day one, I am gonna make mistakes today.”  While there were a few rocky missteps here and there, including a moment where she promoted the wrong on-air phone line, Angie still managed to do pretty well on her first day on Power. 

As we all know, the after-shock of the radio royal’s surprise announcement last month can still be felt. And with the world still talking about that big-time move and pondering whether or not the new gig would bring a drastic change to her 20-year on-air hot streak, Angie left no doubt on Thursday that she’s a natural and her new show now fits on like a glove.

For her first song, the queen went with Drake’s “0 To 100,” which coincidentally features the line that summarizes how she’s dealing with the buzz surrounding her new post: “Too focused on people’s feedback and provin’ ’em wrong.” DJ Khaled, who was one of the many to call in and congratulate the radio host, would further that notion by telling Angie, “You going 0 to 100 real quick, I’m excited for you.”

Khaled’s remark would mirror that out of countless others who called in with congratulatory words for Martinez throughout the 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. program. Aside from practically the entire Tristate, the sheer excitement was also shared by her gang of high-profile pals, such as REVOLT Chairman Puff Daddy, Swizz Beatz & Alicia Keys, Fat Joe, Rick Ross.

“You know what they say, ‘Life starts outside your comfort zone,’” said Swizzy, who called in with wife Alicia Keys, to praise Angie. “It ain’t no New York without hearing your voice,” added Fat Joe, while Puff plugged in and suggested his sizzling anthem “I Want The Love” be her new theme song.

“I got a new single, maybe it could be you’re theme song,” noted Puff before promising to do a sit-down interview with the new host “real soon.”

And of course, a worldwide trek with his wife Beyonce for their On The Run Tour couldn’t stop Jay Z from joining in on the fun. “You think you could do this without me?” balked Hov, who fittingly closed the show out. His first radio interview in years, Hovi Hov made it his duty to call into Angie’s show to wish her nothing but the best.

“Congratulations. I would like to say, I really believe that what you’re about to about to accomplish in the next phase of your life will dwarf all that you’ve already done,” he shared. “You’re an institution to radio.”

Trying hard to keep her emotions in check, Angie humbly responded to the kind words by saying, “Hov I didn’t cry throughout this program and you’re not going to be the one to make me do it!”

It was the perfect ending to a star-studded four-hour show. In 20 years on Hot 97, Angie went from a New York resident to the Voice of the New York. Now with this new chapter, the sky is the absolute limit and we’re all excited to hear what she has in store.