There aren’t too many gangsta rappers left in the game, but Atlanta rapper Alley Boy would probably fit under that description. While other rappers stay in the current lanes trying to succeed, Alley Boy is content just doing him and not falling in line.

During a recent interview on Forbez DVD, Alley Boy says todays rap game is “faked” and “f***ed up.” If you aren’t a certain way, you’ll get excluded from verses, music videos, and other things.

“The extortion don’t come through money so much. A n*gga can extort you out of work. N*gga, you give a n*gga a verse and a video and you that type of artist, n*gga you already getting $15,000 a verse and 15 for a video. You done gave a n*gga 30,000,” said Alley Boy. “So, you ain’t gotta give him no money. You gave him the money…it be that type of sh*t. A lot of these n*ggas don’t find they self till they get money.”

Check out what else Alley Boy had to say about Hip Hop above.