ActionBronsonOldFolksHomeQueens NY gourmet chef-turned-underground rap star, Action Bronson, performed one of his most animated and startling sets ever when he performed this week for a rambunctious crowd of elderly folk.

Bronson performed his single, “Strictly 4 My Jeeps,” which is full of lyrics about coke, sex, and consuming steaks “off a gold plate, stoned, while listening to Coldplay”.

The smiling grandmothers of St. Hilda’s retirement center in London were not, unexpectedly, annoyed and uncomfortable with his performance. They’re filmed putting their fingers in their ears, eyebrows raised disapprovingly—but they do seem to be entertained. “I’m not against youngsters doing their ‘rapping,’ but I cannot understand words when they’re going too fast,” critiques one woman. “He’s quite handsome,” says another.

Later in the video, some of the nice, sweet, and very old attendees rate Bronson’s performance on a scale of 1 to 10, and his performance got a score of 5.2!

Check out this video below and tell us what you think of his latest act of craziness!