Action Bronson is clearing his name after reports surfaced this week that George Washington University had announced that they removed him as headliner of their annual Spring Fling concert.

Students issued a petition calling for the removal of Bronson for the concert scheduled to take place today (4/2). The petition, with 249 signatures, stated that Bronson‘s work promoted sexual violence against women, specifically pointing to his song, “Consensual Rape.”

Action Bronson took to Facebook to clear the air over the college concert controversy, and judging by the comment section, he has plenty of support from other fans. Bronson says that rape is not something that he would ever do, and that a song from five years ago should not define him as an artist.

Rap is basically storytelling, and Bronson says that’s the only crime he’s committed.

“I understand that when it comes to musicians, and more specifically rappers, the lyrics I say are taken to heart many times as a representation of my beliefs or true feelings…I think rape and acts of violence toward women are DISGUSTING.”

He also issued an apology, saying that he does not condone violence against women, not disrespect to the LGBT community. As of today, there is a counter-petition calling for Bronson to be reinstated as headliner for George Washington University‘s Spring Fling concert.

Listeners don’t always discern the “voice” behind the story being told, unless it’s done in a certain way — take Eminem‘s “Stan” for example. Musicians have to be more responsible in their art and the messages they send out, but at the same time, one really can’t control how their words will be perceived by an audience. We saw Rick Ross lose his Reebok endorsement following his date rape lyrics on Rocko‘s “UOENO” single, and we don’t want to see anything like that happen to Bronson.

Check out an official tweet from the university below, and read Action Bronson‘s full statement here.