This week, we have Pretty Flacko for the front cover of the April/May issue of Complex. In the cover story, Rocky talks A$AP Yams, his next album, regrets from the debut, relationships, and even offered his thoughts on the industry’s treatment of Iggy Azalea.


On coping with A$AP Yams‘ death with Psychedelic drugs & music:

Psychedelics. Before it was all about the slowdown. Promethazine. Codeine flow. Now it’s like that, but on another level to the max…I’m going to be honest with you, man. When Yams died, psychedelic music healed me. Stuff like the The Mysterians, “96 Tears.” That’s all the stuff I love. I love classic rock. Take the Doors—those organs. It’s why I love Danger Mouse’s aesthetic.

On Iggy Azalea:

That [situation with Iggy] is unfortunate because nobody wants to be portrayed that way. I’m quite sure she doesn’t. I think she works hard like the rest of us. Silly or not, 300 million people like to watch it on YouTube, so who the fuck are we to say anything? … It comes with the game. If she fake on something, somebody is going to call her bluff. That’s life.

On regretting his debut album, Long.Live.A$AP.:

That album was rushed. I felt like I had to prove certain things that don’t matter. [That] I was capable of hit singles and platinum records. That’s not what I was ever after. That’s something that you just hope for.

Check out the full interview here.