#D.B.N.R.: more than just an acronym for Drugs Beats N Rhymes, they are family with a true addiction for music. Coming from South Jersey, a place where it is not common for emcee’s to blow up from, but with their god given talents, they not only strive to be respected, but to be heard throughout the world. D.B.N.R is a movement; a movement with the vision of making the best out of every real life situation and turning it into the perfect melody or metaphor, whether it is positive or negative. D.B.N.R takes pride in their song writing abilities, music production, photography and even the direction of their music videos. Being as creative as possible will allow them to hone their skills. Together D.B.N.R will progress as one collective creative movement! D.B.N.R…Respect the REAL and ELIMINATE the FAKE! Be on the Lookout for a solo project from A.R.T. coming soon.