50 Cent Says He Lost Major Lawsuit Because He's a Black Rapper

50 Cent recently pulled the race card after losing a case in court, claiming the judge was prejudice against him as a rapper and overall racist. According to court docs, 50 is calling for the ruling to be overturned.

The lawsuit, in which 50 was battling the company Sleek Audio, was a rather bitter one. 50 says the company owes him $261,000, but when they couldn’t reach an agreement, the case went to arbitration. Unfortunately, the arbitrator did not agree with 50.

The Queens businessman is now taking the lawsuit to federal court, claiming his close relationship with controversial members of the black community, and his identity as a rapper hurt his chances of winning.

50 expounded on the discrimination, alleging that the judge prevented 50 from cross examining witnesses, and wouldn’t look at evidence he tried to bring forward.

Sleek believes 50 is simply trying to get the case brought into a real court.

Source: tmz.com