Music videos these days are getting more to be about the exploration of the psyche and subconscious, offering incredible visuals that are undoubtedly more fun to watch during an altered state of mind for the viewer. While we know we can’t stop the world from turning up with weed, mollies, lean, alcohol, and any number of substances out there, we can at least offer some visuals to make the experience that much better. Watch these 5 psychedelic music videos with the lights low, a furry wall to stroke, and do us a favor — keep a bottle of water nearby.


Wiz Khalifa – RAW


The epileptic seizure-inducing visual for “RAW” was directed by Gerard Victor, and certainly fits Wiz‘s conceptual vision of Blacc Hollywood into one very creative twist with the art of videography. “Raw” is no doubt an ode to the RAW rolling paper company (Wiz has his own line of papers there!) The video in itself is pretty standard, as another one of Wiz‘s loud ass stoner parties, but it’s the flashing lights and negative camera effects that make it look as Raw as it does.

Future – Codeine Crazy


In the visuals directed by Vincent Lou Film, Future wanders through an open field, plagued with visions of a beautiful woman draped in white whose eyes flash with different shades of purple, embodying a very alluring substance — promethazine-codeine.

Earl Sweatshirt – Grief


Earl Sweatshirt releases his first official video for “Grief” from his upcoming album, I Don’t Like Sh*t, I Don’t Go Outside. The video, directed by Hiro Murai, features Earl in a definitely odd black and white negative film space designed to look like the most hellish of nightmare dream sequences.

Migos – One Time


If you’ve ever had a night out where everything (including your memory) was just distorted and all over the place, then you’ll understand the concept of this video. The Migos crew wakes up from destroying their mansion the previous night at a wild house party, and try to piece together just what went down.

Azealia Banks – Wallace


This video, directed by Nick Ace and Rick Soucy, features Azealia Banks in front of a black field that’s totally controlled by the viewer’s webcam! To interact with the video, powered by Google Cloud, users must be using the Google Chrome browser. “I’m such a huge fan of technology and creative new ways of interacting and engaging with fans, so this collaboration was perfect for me. Music videos are as much of an art form as the music itself,” Banks tells Billboard.

You’ll have to view this video on the official Wallace website