It’s summer, which means it’s not exactly cuffing season, but how can you let that girl in the red bikini walk away without at least knowing her name?! So let’s say you get enough courage to finally ask her name (awesome!) and now it’s time to change the scenery, but how? Well, before we get into “how she’ll go out with you”, let’s get into “why she’ll say no before you even get a chance”.

1. Mode of Transportation

This is the biggest thing with me. If YOU ask ME to accompany you for a date, I shouldn’t have to drive. Why would/should I get all gussied up for a nice night out, and STILL have to drive myself to go pick you up. Do I also pay for parking? Do I also put in my own gas with my money? If that’s the case, then don’t touch the radio, because we will Beyonce it up the whole night.

For men who drive, it could be that your mode of transportation is fine…it could just use some sprucing. Now, don’t get it twisted, Harley Quinn doesn’t care what you drive, as long as it has gas. My issue comes in when a man’s car is just DIRTY and funky and sweaty basketball gear thrown everywhere. If you’re expecting to see a lady, do her (and yourself) the favor of cleaning up your space. It’s how she’ll know if she has to clean up behind you like a mother later down the line! For men who DON’T drive, you’re still able to get a date! Harley Quinn doesn’t care about public transportation either. Where I live in Jersey, I have no need for PT, but I’ve dated guys in the city who have no need for a car, so when in Rome, as they say. If your chick has that much of a problem catching the bus or the train with you (under reasonable circumstances) then drop her.

50 cent

2. You’re Indecisive

The second biggest piss-off is when you don’t even know where you want to take the girl, after confirming that she would indeed be seen with you in public!!! After she says yes to you for whatever crazy reason facilitated by God Himself, you should already have a place of activity in mind. Do not leave this up to the girl. Here’s why: we don’t know your budget, or what you’re into! You may be dealing with a girl with a Mr. Chow diet, and you can only afford Applebee’s or Famous Dave’s. If she has a heart, that just might make her feel bad. Save both of you the embarrassment, and have a place in mind that you know you can afford, and will be comfortable for you both, so it won’t end up like this…


3. Your Friends Suck

If she’s meeting you at a friendly summer event: pool party, club, beach, etc. maybe she’s noticed your rowdy pack of goons you call friends. If there’s one thing that can turn a lady off, it’s a guy’s friends. How do we know you’re not just as rude and loud as them??? This is not to say ditch your squad as soon as you spot that girl at the party, but do try to distance yourself from them if you want her to see you as just you, and not a whole group.

yeah nigga

4. Her Friends Suck

Hey, what can I say? Sometimes our friends do get in our ear, and warn us about which dudes are the “players” and which ones to stay away from. Whether Shaniqua is right, or she’s just blocking, 9 times out of 10, I’m going to listen to Shaniqua until you prove her wrong. Sorry.


5. She’s Just Not That Into You

This is where a lot of dudes have trouble comprehending. If she’s already said no thanks, just let it go. There’s nothing more embarrassing than a guy who just won’t take no for an answer. Summer’s not over yet, and there are plenty more cookouts, kickbacks, pool parties, and bonfires around for you to find someone else.


Good luck!

Source: Harley Quinn has been single for a long time, so she knows her sh*t.