So a couple days ago, after a 2 Chainz concert, a girl wandered backstage in hopes of meeting the rapper, after claiming she was invited by a member of his concert, “Cap” (rapper Cap 1) via Instagram. 2 Chainz was seemingly ready to meet her as well. So, how did the scenario end in a lawsuit??? Just check out the video below. 2 Chainz was on a joking streak for the beginning of the video, when things took a turn.

Apparently, 2 Chainz and his crew were waiting on a woman named “Tena” when this girl came along. Listen closely. She says she was backstage to visit Cap, but when someone pointed out that she was already talking to Cap, she says “Oh.” as if she didn’t actually know who Cap was. Now this is just me (and I’m no lawyer), but if you were invited somewhere via Instagram, wouldn’t you at least know what the person looks like??? Let’s continue.

When 2 Chainz says that the woman’s name is spelled with an “E” and asks how her name is spelled, she says “It’s T-I-N-A“. She goes on to say “…but I’ll be T-E-N-A today! The other way”. Someone get this girl a glass and a chair. By this time, I’m already on the floor writhing from secondhand embarrassment for this girl. Tena/Tina tries convince the rappers & crew to let her stay backstage with them, even through countless jabs at her intelligence with laughter. She even mispronounces the name of August Alsina. Twice.

Eventually Tena/Tina digs herself into a deeper hole by having security asking her to leave. 2 Chainz even warns her that she is in “Blog Territory“, to which she replies “Oh sh*t, this is going on a blog for real?” She was given knowledge that she was being recorded and that the video would be posted on the internet. She even goes so far as giving out her Instagram handle. Now the alleged “Tena” has a lawyer. For what, I’m not sure. Reports say “for public humiliation and tarnishing her image“. She basically gave them permission to post the video and receive exposure by giving out her Instagram, and asking if she “looked good” after being told she was on a blog. Tsk tsk tsk…

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